Spinning 3’s on the 18 metre kickers

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Have some fun…

About me

I am 12 years old. I am very proud to be a member of the GB SBX Team. I am also a GB Park and Pipe athlete. I have been snowboarding since I was nearly 8.

My Year

I normally live in the Alps for six months of the year. I train with the GB SBX team October and November. I also train SBX and freestyle from December to April. The rest of the time is at home in Hampshire.

My Goals

My aim is to represent Great Britain in both Snowboard Cross and Slopestyle at the Junior Worlds and the Youth Olympics in 2020. Before moving on to Europa and World cup events.

My Drive

Snowsports, especially the competitive disciplines are all about pushing the boundries and yourself. It is too easy to forget that you need to have fun and enjoy the ride.


I love the Mountains

I am really lucky to spend 6 months per year riding the mountains pursuing my dream. I love the fresh air, the feeling of freedom and having the opportunity to ride with like minded people.
I don’t care, whatever the weather, I will be pushing my limits for that bigger rotation, that bigger drop or shaving those few microseconds off my PB on the track.
Have fun, ride within your limits, don’t be afraid to push yourself and forget about all those people who are riding for the wrong reasons, theres too many of them out there!

You Only Live Once :-
Live Your Dream!


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